Friday, April 6, 2012

The Never-ending Thread

I am a yarn magnet.  (Not a yarn magnate, alas.)  It's true that I buy a lot of yarn, and fiber as well, now that I am learning to spin.  I also receive a lot of yarn and fiber for free, probably since my friends know I love to knit and crochet for charity.  In fact, now I have some yarn I've spun from free fiber that I received because a couple of people knew I had some other yarn I had spun from some other free fiber that I was trying to match so I would have enough to make a lap blanket for Alive Hospice.  Here's how the yarn looked as I wound it into a skein from my borrowed spinning wheel.  (Yes, I even have the use of a free wheel!)

Skein in the making
Finished skein

Soon I will begin knitting this.  I just have a couple of other charity blankets to finish first.  And then there's that scarf I'm making for myself.  (Occasionally I do make things for myself.)  And then there's that sweater, which might even fit me when I'm done.  And then there's that... never-ending thread.

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