Monday, April 16, 2012

The Ribble

Bear-Bear says, "Where's the picnic?"
Yes, it's the amazing RIBBLE!  Doesn't that sound like something that would slice and dice and be on sale for $17.95 on late-night television, and if you act now, they'll throw in an amazing Dribble absolutely free?

Well, it isn't.  It's a blanket.  It cuddles, it warms, it toasts your toes.  Yesterday, I put the Ribble Blanket pattern up for sale (for cheap!...  or rather, for a low, low price...) in my Etsy store.  I sold two copies of the PDF right away!  Yippee! My first sales on Etsy!  Click here to get there: The Ribble pattern.

The yarn for the blanket pictured was donated by (or through, I'm not sure which) Bliss Yarns in Brentwood, TN, and after I made it, I donated it to Alive Hospice through Threads of Kindness.  It's the great circle of the yarns of the earth.  Paying it forward.  Did I mention, yarn in, yarn out?  YIYO!

It's a really easy pattern, by the way; if you can knit and purl, you can make it.

I also have a couple more blankets sitting primly on my couch, waiting for the next opportunity to be donated.

First comes Preemie with a Twist.  The free pattern is now available (click here) on my blog.  Anyway, the lavender one is made from Plymouth Encore.  One skein is all it takes.

I actually bought this yarn--yes, it happens!  A lot!--or else my mom bought it; I think I was trying to buy her a gift and she was probably saying, "No, no, I'll pay, why should you pay?" and I was probably saying, "But Mom, I want to give you a present," and she was saying, "That's silly.  I have the money right here," and I was probably holding out money already too, and so on until the poor shop clerk was probably ready to spit, but was masking her inner eye-rolling with incredible diplomacy.

Anyway, Mom used some and tossed the rest to me, which came in handy when I wanted to make a sample of the Preemie with a Twist out of a solid color.

I had made a couple out of a variegated cotton, which happened to come out in a really cool diamond design, and some people seemed to think that any variegated would do that and, alas, I doubt it, but it's worth a try!  Go for it!  Let me know what happens!

Last but not least, my version of the Moderne Baby Blanket brought to us by Mason-Dixon Knitting.  Again, donated yarn, Mission Falls 1824 Wool.  Let us pause for a moment in silent sorrow that Mission Falls is no longer in business.  (Sigh.)

For the most part, I just grabbed a skein and knitted a section until I ran out of that color.  On the first section, after about ten rows, I thought, I am doing nothing but garter stitch.  For an entire blanket.  I am going to go insane.  But then I kinda got into the rhythm.  It's a fun pattern and I want to make another.  And I have more Mission Falls in my stash!  Naturally.  Not that I have to use Mission Falls, of course, but it came out so soft and cozy and it will show off the beautiful colors I have in my stash so well, and I. . . 
Wait, I have at least seven projects going right now.  I've lost count.  And I have a Hinterland Throw to finish by June.  Plus, the Mission Falls is in a bin under a couple of other bins and bags full of yarn.  So I guess I won't cast on a new project today.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Hi there from down under :o)

    I was so intrigued by your diagonal pattern I thought you must have been so clever to have all those colours going at once - but to find it was a little gift from God that it turned out with such an amazing pattern (though I'm sure you could do it if you really wanted to) that's really special.
    What variegated yarn did you use ... Which brand, do you think it would happen again with the same wool or was that a one off?

    There are various charities we can knit for in Australia - the salvation army are always helping those in need as are st vinnies (the Saint Vincent DePaul Society)

    It's a good way for those of use who aren't physically strong to still be able to give back.

    Thanks for your inspiration.

    Lyn Hopkins

  2. Hello, Lyn! So happy to hear from knitting pals down under! The yarn I used for the Preemie with a Twist was Bernat cotton (might be Cottontots? Can't quite place the name at the moment), and the magical zig-zagging happened on its own, so I kinda doubt every skein would work the same way.

    But it might be fun to find out!

  3. P.S. Just checked--it is Bernat Cottontots yarn.

    Thanks, Lyn--if you do make one (or more) I hope you'll let me know. Are you on Ravelry?


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