Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spinning My Wheels

The phrase spinning my wheels has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  First, there's the Louët S10 I still have on loan.

A little clunky, but it works.

And then there's baby Victoria, the adorable portable wheel I bought.

Smooth and sweet.  Like a good cuppa java.  Folds up neatly in its own little sleeping bag.  So light, I can pick it up with one hand!  Never needs oiling!

I finally understand why people have more than one wheel.  The travel wheel has smaller bobbins.  If I'm going to ply on the Victoria, I can't fill the bobbins all the way.  Since I have both wheels at the moment, I am filling up those little bobbins to almost overflowing, then plying on the Big Wheel with the enormous bobbins.  (Why does that sound like slang for something else?)

My friends told me that's what they did, but I didn't really "get it" until I was in the same bobbin boat.

I also didn't believe I would ever be able to spin as fine a thread as my talented friends, but miracle of miracles, I'm getting there.  And all it took was not quitting.  Funny how lots of things in life are like that.  I've gone from this (not too bad, but not what I wanted):

Funky Chunky
To this:

Actual sport weight!
Update:  I have now knitted the yellow into a scarf.  See what it looks like and get the free pattern here:  It's Not TV, It's Cable.

I am spinning something now that I think will be fingering weight once it's plied!  I am excited.  So for all you newbie spinners out there: never surrender!

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