Sunday, May 27, 2012

Able Cable Update

Wouldn't you think that making a larger version of a preemie pattern would be a simple matter of doing some math?  Have I mentioned I am somewhat math-challenged?  At least on alternate Thursdays?

I kept doing the math and things kept coming out wrong because my brain just wouldn’t cooperate with the calculator.  At first I cast on too many repeats, and I didn’t like the way the yarn was looking anyway, so I ripped that out and went for a different color, with one less repeat, and finally it started coming together.

The new math for the "normal" size baby blanket has been added to the original Able Cable pattern.
The Plymouth Encore yarn I’m using for this larger one comes from four sources, a donated skein from Monarch Knitting & Quilts, a donated skein from Haus of Yarn, a leftover partial skein from Carole’s Secret Grandbaby Binky (for more info on that, read this post: River's Edge Ripple), and my overflowing stash (a.k.a. my everflowing stash.  Or my never-ending stash.)

I'm happy to report that my free patterns have been getting a lot of hits, and here's hoping many babies will be cuddled up in versions of these blankets soon.  Thank you, everyone, for your interest--and I hope you'll let me know how you're progressing with yours.

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