Sunday, May 20, 2012


Tomorrow, I'm heading out to the post office to ship my blankets to Maryvale.  There are six graduates after all this year, so Susan and I are each sending three blankets.

First, the happy Hinterlands, which I finished weeks ago, as they are so quick to crochet.

Did I mention, I think this pattern is GENIUS?!

Sure, I always point out that there are, as Susan says, "alottaerotta" in the original pattern (published in the May 2011 issue of Crochet! magazine, which is downloadable on their website, along with the corrections.)  But I mention the errata, not to criticize, but to inform and encourage crocheters so they will not become frustrated by the labyrinthine directions that go on for pages and pages only to be not exactly accurate to the extent that one wonders if one is going slightly mad.

Or alotta mad.

Truly, once you have done a dozen rounds or so, the pattern begins to make sense, and it is clear what to do in each section.  A few rounds do change the repeats slightly.  Pay special attention to rounds 21, 28, and 29.

Also, in round 26 of the revisions (my copy is dated 7/15/2011), there's an extra "dc in next st, ch 1" right after the first revision in that round.  I leave those extras out and it works for me.  If anyone out there makes this throw and finds that they have the same experience, please let me know!

For the third blanket, I decided to do a little designing of my own.  I made filet crochet squares of various colors of Tahki Cotton Classic yarn, some of which was donated by Haus of Yarn to Threads of Kindness, and some of which I bought.  I am happy with several squares.  Others need work.  But here is the result:

I'm calling it the "Throw Confetti Throw"--designed in celebration of this year's graduating class.

I will be posting the chart and directions for one of the squares as a freebie on this site soon.

So that's it for Maryvale this year. Hooray for the graduates and everyone there who helps them reach their goals!


  1. Reyna, as always your work is exemplary! They are all beautiful and I know the recipients of these wonderful throws will adore them.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Crocheting is one skill I just haven't managed to master. These are amazing! I can't imagine how you made them, they look SO complicated!

    1. Thank you, Linzee! I've seen some of the lovely things you've made posted on your blog, and I feel confident you will master crocheting when you're ready.

  3. What is MaryVale?

    1. Maryvale started as an orphanage in Los Angeles in 1856, and has grown into a facility offering many programs, including a residential treatment program for neglected and abused girls. It is now located in Rosemead, California. (Check out for more info.)

      Thanks for asking. I gave the info in an earlier Maryvale-related post, without thinking a later post ought to include it too. A friend (or two) and I make blankets each year for the graduates of the program, usually two or three girls, but sometimes more.


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