Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RDA of Fiber

I found fiber in my tea.  I'm going to end up having a hairball.

I was going to do back exercises.  I needed to fold my laundry.  But I really wanted to spin.  Just for a minute, I told myself.

I lied.  Then the yarn got tangled, and I was supposed to meet someone for breakfast in twenty minutes, and I told myself, Never never never start spinning when you only have five minutes to spin because you know perfectly well that, once you start, you can't stop.  (I have a habit of starting to ply at midnight--just for a minute.)

Anyway, I got the yarn untangled, and I started to take that last sip of yummy green chai tea, and there was fiber in it.  Little floaty strands of delicate merino wool.  Mmm, delicious!

Not really.  I'm a fan of fiber, but not to drink.  At least not this kind.  It just doesn't go down smoothly, you know?  But things could be and have been worse.  Unpleasant things found unexpectedly in tea/coffee to be revealed someday in my memoirs!

Fiber Falls
I have a plan for this handspun yarn, and I may even end up keeping the result.  It's so much fun, it's worth a hairball or two.  By the way, a lot of the above yarn was spun from Daily Fibers fiber, hand-dyed by Jan.  I love her colorways, and she has an Etsy shop, www.etsy.com/shop/dailyfibers.  No pics up yet, alas, but I highly recommend the Granny Smith Crunch and the Crispy Kale.  Mmm, now that's delicious fiber!

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