Monday, May 7, 2012

River's Edge Ripple

You can buy the pattern for this blanket in my etsy shop:

I've been crocheting for about forty years.  I've probably made a few dozen ripple blankets along the way.  There's the "Crayon Ripple" and the "Comfy Cozy" ripple and the "Crochet Cluster Point" ripple and the "Someone Donated This Hand Drawn Pattern In a Bag of Yarn with a Half-Finished Blanket and Can You Finish It?" ripple, and so on.

After awhile, the standard ripple patterns I found began to seem. . . well. . . standard.  Dare I say it? Boring.  Ho-hum.  Even (oh, horrors!) trite.

But now and then I run across one that has something extra.  When I found the basic stitch for this ripple, I thought the gentle wave it created was appealing.  I decided to throw in some front post and back post stitches, accenting the crest of the wave, and adding texture and vertical movement.

For this version, rippled strips are crocheted, then joined together to create even more interest and contrast to the standard horizontal wave.

If you've never done post stitches, fear not!  They are just like regular stitches, except that they go around the post of a stitch instead of into its top loops.  You repeat the same two rows over and over as you make each strip, so it's easy to get the hang of it.

The blankets pictured here have both been donated to Alive Hospice through Threads of Kindness.  I did actually buy the yarn for the shades-of-green blanket (yes, I do buy yarn.)

Here's how I got my hands on the pink and variegated yarn:  Carole was having a grandbaby.  A bunch of us are Carole's knitsibs.  So naturally, we conspired in a Top Secret Mission to knit a baby blanket.  Many Top Secret Emails ensued.  Secretive Shopping also.  Everyone started knitting squares.  Well, some of us started, and some of us apparently had other things to do (like jobs, for example?)

Someone volunteered me to crochet them together, as I have the temerity to call myself 'captainhook.'

"Oh, you're so good at crocheting," they said.  Being a sucker for praise, I agreed.

Everyone did a great job on their squares, but of course, the baby is even cuter.  Well, what can you do?  Baby's have an edge.  Finally the squares were assembled and we had a grandbaby shower. (More pics on knitsibs websites; check some of the blogs I follow, like Tennessee Knitter, Olives and Mermaids, and One More Row.)

Avery's binky

Some of the squares I did:

Along the way, I mentioned to my co-conspirators that there would be yarn left over, and being the sneaky, greedy little Yarn Hog that I am, I suggested we use the leftovers for charity, in this case, Threads of Kindness, knowing that my knitsibs are:

A) generous, and
B) have such enormous yarn stashes, they would let me keep this yarn so I could play with it like a kid in a candy shop.

Mission Accomplished!

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