Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Journey of 2000 Miles

I just drove 2121 miles to get here:

It was tiring, but worth it!  And those last 80 miles or so in L.A. traffic were, predictably, a bear and a half.  A grizzly, in fact.  (State animal is a grizzly bear, for those of you who don't know.)

Angel On My Shoulder

My second night of the journey, I spent in Shamrock, Texas.  Woke early and took this photo of the sunrise from my hotel window.  I didn't realize until after I took the shot that the lamplight reflected an angel image.

Most of my travel pics were taken from hotel parking lots and rest areas.  This was not a sightseeing trip.  I've done that a number times, and while I've seen amazing sights, this trip was about getting from Point Q to Point Mugu, as it were, as quickly as possible, so I could start looking for a new place to live in the imperfect paradise that is California.

Lone Star Sky
I have many more photos, but the internet in this hotel is a bit slow, so I'll just add a photo of one of the half dozen or so knitting and crocheting projects I brought with me.  The first things we yarnaholics pack (and unpack) are our knitting projects, right?  We have our priorities!  Since this is a long trip, AND I had to plan for the trip back to Tennessee to pack the rest of my Stuff, and therefore I would need something portable for airplane flights, much project planning occurred.

Driving out here meant I could bring a lot of yarn.  Hooray!  Since crocheting takes more yarn than knitting, I usually travel with a knitting project or two.  This time I could indulge in both.  Well, I brought my travel wheel as well, and fiber.  Because heaven knows, it could be days before I find a place to buy fiber! And there's a local spinning guild, and I want to go, with wheel in tow.

Anyway, this future blanket has been 'on the hook' for some months.  It gets back-burnered and rekindled regularly.  The colors remind me a little of the ocean and California in general, so as I have worked on it, I have been California dreamin', and it's a perfect project for this trip.

The fact that it's a log cabin pattern is comforting, too, as I search for a place to live.  Traditionally, I think a yellow center of the square is meant to be the light in the window of home.  (A red center would represent the hearth.)

New home, here I come!


  1. You sound so excited about your move and I'm excited for you. I will greatly miss your presence at knit night but my heart will be happy for you.

  2. Thank you, Liana. You're getting me all weepy now--I will miss you and all my friends at knit night there. We'll just have to visit!


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