Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catch a Mermaid

Just before I left for California, I had a chance to play with some Araucania Patagonia, and made this for Threads of Kindness/Alive Hospice:

The yarn, donated by Haus of Yarn, is a thick-thin, variegated cotton that is smooth and not splitty at all.  Sometimes cotton can get ornery that way, but the Patagonia worked great.

I call it the "Catch a Mermaid" throw, because the colors reminded me of coral reefs and ocean waves, with maybe a little sand along the shore.

The thick yarn gives it a fishnet feel, and I thought the texture would work well with some lacy patterns.  I didn't want to get bored, so I used three different stitch patterns.

The whole pattern is now available for sale in my Etsy shop; click on Catch a Mermaid.

The shells are not included in the pattern.  They are not attached to the blanket.  I could just imagine someone trying to figure out how to knit the shells in.

No, my friends, that is just my way of being all arty in my picture-taking.  I have lots more pics on Etsy and in the written pattern itself.

Now I'm working up a scarf using the Fishnet Rib and some novelty ribbon yarn.  It's a free pattern on my blog called Ribbon Rib Scarf.

As the (pirate) captainhook says, "Yarrr-n, me mateys!"


  1. Another beautiful lap blanket for a very lucky recipient.

  2. I couldn't have said it better Liana"


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