Monday, September 24, 2012

Handspun Happiness

At last I got around to knitting with all that ultra-chunky handspun, made with donated fibers, as well as some other donated chunky yarn I had in my stash.

Used the pink stuff

It all came together in another log cabin blanket, one of my favorite stash-busting patterns.

The teal and grey marl, and a little teal and purple, are left over from my very first handspun, from when I first tried learning to spin several years ago.

I found knitting and crocheting always lured me more than the wheel I had at the time.  So I ended up selling the wheel, and swearing I didn't need or want another hobby anyway.

Then I moved to Nashville and met a bunch of fun and friendly spinners, and got sucked back into the vortex.  I'm so glad I did!  Thank you, Christina, and the Nashville Spinsters!

This blanket is made of various kinds of wool, not machine washable, which means I will be searching for a place that will take it.  I have a lot of leads for local charities who might not care about the machine washable aspect.

The thing about stash-busting is, if the finished object is still sitting on my couch, I haven't exactly lightened the load around here, have I?  But I am hopeful!

In case you're interested, there's more about the genesis of the other handspun here.

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