Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Amazing Ribble Hat

Yes, it's the amazing RIBBLE once again!  It slices, it dices, it... well, thank heaven, it doesn't do those things.

Instead, it perches on the pate, it cuddles the ears, it conforms to even the brainiest baby's big head! (As in, "I'm not fat, I'm big-brained.")

The zig-zaggy rib of this hat makes it super-stretchy.  It measures a mere 12 inches around at the brim, but stretches to 20 inches or more, as necessary.

Ribble Hat at Rest

Ribble Hat in Action (i.e., around something spherical)

The Ribble Blanket has been my best selling design so far, so I thought it deserved a companion hat pattern.  It's an easy pattern.  If you can knit and purl, you can make this hat.  Here's the link for the inexpensive (I don't like to say cheap!) pattern for both blanket and hat:

More about the evolution of this pattern here.

Ribble Hat from On High

Ribble in Red

I know the last one looks pink, but in person, it's red.
It will soon be venturing into the world, to sit on a baby's head.
Hey, that rhymes, and I wasn't even trying!
Glory be.

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