Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Free Pattern: Stripe Up The Band

design by Reyna Thera Lorele

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I had some chunky yarn left over from another project.  It was lying around in my stash, just hanging out, sipping a Mai Tai and watching the sunset from its hammock.

Then someone donated almost a whole ball of another color (the brown) of the same yarn.  I dragged the blue off the hammock and started crocheting.  Of course, I didn't have quite enough to make a whole blanket.  An excuse to shop.  Off to the LYS for more of the blue.  Luckily, they had some.  (It's the James C. Brett Marble Chunky, btw.)

The blanket pictured here is going to Binky Patrol in a couple of weeks.  It's all folded up, nice and cozy on the couch, napping until it's time to load up the car.

This is another of those almost-mindless projects that you can take to knit night and not make a ton of mistakes and have to rip out everything you did.

Hate to weave in ends?  Not to worry!  When you change colors while crocheting this blanket, you carry the non-working yarn up the sides.

The crochet border then covers up the yarn “floaters” and leaves you with very few ends to darn (or otherwise curse.)

The two contrasting colors of self-striping yarn give extra visual depth, a little zazz, if you will.  Chunky yarn makes it a quick project, great for a last-minute gift or for charity.  Easy-to-follow directions for the half-double crochet stitches are included.

Skill Level:  Beginner to “first-time intermediate:”  if you can chain and double crochet, you can make this blanket.

Finished size:  33” x 38”

Gauge:  in pattern, 2.5 sts per inch, 2 rows per inch

680 yards color A (2 balls James C. Brett Marble Chunky)
340 yards color B (1 ball James C. Brett Marble Chunky)
J hook (6 mm), or size to get gauge

st, sts = stitch, stitches
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain
yo = yarn over
rep = repeat

Half double crochet (hdc):  yo, insert hook into st indicated, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through all 3 loops.
Reverse half double crochet (rev hdc):  yo, insert hook into st behind current st, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through all 3 loops on hook.

With Color A, ch 93.
Row 1:  hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in each ch across.
Row 2:  ch 2, turn, hdc in next st and in each st across.

Rep rows 1 and 2 twice more, changing color with the last loop in the last st of the last “row 2” by using Color B to “pull through all 3 loops.”

Drop Color A (don’t cut!), and with Color B, rep rows 1 and 2, changing back to Color A in last st at the end of row 2 as described above.

Rep these 2 rows, changing colors as indicated, until you have 14 reps of Color B.

Change to Color A and rep rows 1 and 2 three times.

RS facing, ch2, then working backwards instead of forward, (skip 1 st, hdc in next st, ch 1) around.  In the corners, (hdc in next st, ch 1) three times without skipping a st in between.  Be sure to wrap your border sts around the floaters of yarn on the side where you changed colors.  Join with sl st to 1st hdc and finish off.

Weave in (very few!) ends and enjoy!

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© 2012 Reyna Thera Lorele
Ravelry: captainhook

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