Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yes, We Have No Tomatoes

The quilt shop was out of tomatoes.  You know, those pincushions shaped like tomatoes?  Apparently they'd had a run on tomatoes and were temporarily out.

I do have my mom's old tin pin box, which I love (thanks, Mom!), but the cushion on top has lost a lot of its springy, cushy, pin-grabbing properties.

The top of the box doesn't screw on, so it doesn't always stay on either.

I don't want to store my extra pins in it, as I seem to recall they have a tendency to end up in a pile on the floor when the top pops off unexpectedly.  I keep my thimble and such in it instead.

So I was going to go for a tomato, as I mentioned, but no dice.  Or rather, no tomatoes.  No diced tomatoes, either.  Or salsa.  But I digress.

The shop (Quilt Ventura) did have some of those big, red, magnetic, metallic holders, which I like because they attract pins and make it easier to find dropped ones, but I don't like the jumble of potentially finger-piercing pins that is stored in a pile on top.  I have already pierced far too many of my fingers in my day.  Or rather, I have pierced one or two fingers, too many times.  (I'm just trying to be precise here.)

The shop also had some felted pincushions, larger and heavier than I wanted, and a knitted one in the shape of a cupcake, which was cute, but I thought, "Um, I know how to knit.  I am learning to felt.  Surely I can make a pincushion myself."

Gauntlet thrown, challenge accepted.

I researched pincushion patterns.  There are lots.  Then I got one of those magnets in the mail, with advertising on the front for something I neither wanted nor needed.  I had some leftover batting and nine-patches from My Very First (Finished) Wonderful Quilt.  Surely I could find a way to use the magnet to make my own version of a pincushion that would have all the properties of the Perfect Pincushion of my dreams!

It took a little experimentation, but this is the result.  It looks like a tissue holder for your purse, doesn't it?  The magnet isn't very strong, so after a quick trial, I saw I couldn't put it inside the fabric of the future pincushion.  So I made little pockets for it instead.

If I drop a pin, the magnet underneath can find it for me.  On top is a nice, cushy place in which to poke pins.  Plus, the fabric is so gosh-darned pretty.

The day after I finished this, I got another of those magnets in the mail.  I know I could buy stronger magnets, but I do love repurposing things.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!  (Yarn in, yarn out, after all.)

Could there be more pincushions in my future?  Fabric in, fabric out!

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  1. Too funny. That happened to me once when I went to a specialty store of some kind, they were out of the most obvious thing, hard to believe. Love your solution though, love those handmade pin cushions. Use some steel wool in the middle somewhere, surrounded by batting, as the steel wool helps sharpen your pins and needles.


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