Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Spin-Win Situation

The amazing lady who gave me her spinning wheel deserves a big thank you, don't you agree?

I wanted to spin something special for her, as she is also a knitter.  She hasn't told me her favorite color; I asked a couple of times, and got no answer, so I decided not to push it, and I'm winging it color-wise.

Along the way, my friend Christina gave me a sampling of some alpaca she had bought.  Thank you, Christina!

As soon as I got the big wheel in my new home, I began spinning the alpaca.  It has taken a long time to finish due to various distractions I have blogged about previously, but I finally got it spun, plied, soaked, and dried.

It's a heathery grey, sport weight, and I have 196 yards!

Who would have thought that simple sample of fiber would make so much yarn?

I might send it as is, or I could knit a lacy cowl for the lady in question.  She is getting older and has lost some of her knitting skills.  I'm trying to get a psychic feel for what would please her the most.

With so many projects going at once, I'm also trying to resist starting another.  On the other hand, I found a lovely pattern on Ravelry....


  1. No fair! What pattern on Ravelry?!?!??! Your yarn is lovely.

  2. It's the Eleanor Cowl, which I found through Ravelry, but is actually a free pattern on


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