Sunday, November 4, 2012

Building a Rail Fence

A couple of months ago, more free fiber made its way into my life in the form of fabric some kind soul donated to Binky Patrol.  I took it knowing I was about to take a quilting class, and if I liked quilting, I would make a charity quilt, and if I didn't like quilting, I'd return the fabric.

Well, I like quilting.  Of course, the cute free fabric covered with red hearts needed some other cute fabric to go with it.  Of course, I had to go shopping.  (Aw, too bad.)

I got some nifty white and black fabric at the local shop, and the owner, Joey, gave me some quick tips on how to make a rail fence pattern.  I went home and googled wantonly for pictures and inspiration.

Then I began slicing and dicing the fabric...

...combining the colors...

Strips joined together

Strips cut into blocks

Blocks laid together in pattern, in somewhat dark living room on dining room table, resulting in murky picture

Blocks joined together

...making the quilt sandwich...

Top quilted onto batting and backing

...and behold the delicious result!

Backing made with same red fabric

As a recovering perfectionist, I'm not bothered by the mistakes.  Yes, there's an occasional pucker where the fabric stretched without warning.  There's a shoddy joining of binding ends, because I forgot how Joey taught us to do it in class, and I was too eager to finish the quilt to go and ask for a reminder, so I followed directions that are written in foreign quilting language that lost something in the translation to English.

Truly, I am not bothered by these mistakes.  I'm a beginner, I'm cool with it.  But I find I still feel the need, as most of us do--especially women, I've noticed--to point out that there ARE mistakes.  We have to let each other know that we KNOW there are mistakes, lest you think we are not only imperfect, but stupid and/or oblivious, or worst of all for women in this culture, arrogant!

In knitting and crocheting, we call mistakes "design elements."  In quilting, I've heard it said that if you can't see the mistake while galloping by on a horse, then who cares?  So, hitch a ride on Secretariat and enjoy a quick look at my quilt!

It has already been successfully donated to Binky Patrol.  And did I come home with more fabric?  Of course!  Yarn too.

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  1. It's lovely! And you got it done so fast - I'm very impressed. What's next on your quilting to do list?


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