Thursday, December 13, 2012

Barbara Walker and A Surprising Thread

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Back when I wrote The Archer King, I hadn't gotten back into crocheting yet, let alone knitting and spinning.

I used Barbara G. Walker's Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets in researching my novel--in fact, reading her discussion of the Robin Hood stories was part of what inspired me to write my novel.

So when it was done, I had the cojones to ask her for a testimonial.  To my delight, she gave me one!  You can read her testimonial and many others here.

Then I learned about Binky Patrol and started crocheting and knitting for charity.  Several years later, I got a job at Monarch Knitting and Quilts, a job which fed my fiber obsession in a big way.  (As in, much of paycheck spent on yarn.)

I happened to notice some books by a certain Barbara G. Walker, wonderful treasuries of knitting patterns which I coveted, but I thought, no, it couldn't be the same Barbara G. Walker.

Then one day my boss came in to work and said she had googled me and bought my novel, because of that Barbara G. Walker testimonial.  It IS the same person!  I am so pleased!

So even though there is very little about fiber in my book, there's a surprising connection to the fiber world.  I use Barbara's treasuries all the time.  Thank you again, Barbara, for the quote, and thanks for all the hunting-gathering-and-creating of knitting patterns.  You are a treasure.

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  1. This is an amazing post! Don't you love when these connections occur?

    Love your blog and now I'll have to read your book!


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