Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bust That Stash!

I got an e-newsletter from the Santa Barbara Fiber Arts Guild, and in that newsletter was a call to arms for a yarn-bombing.  A group of wild and woolly crocheters are planning to blanket the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles with granny squares next year.  All they need is thousands of squares.

Hooray!  A sterling opportunity to bust some stash!

I emailed for the details.  They want solid color 5-inch squares, any fiber, any pattern, as long as we use the colors they want:  white, orange, yellow, cyan, hot pink, purple, and lime green.  (Yes, I'm hoping you, dear reader, will be inspired to contribute a square or three.  For the yarn-bombing website, click here.)

With the enormous stash of yarn I have, you would think I would have tons of all of these colors, but no!  I have various siennas and apricots...

...and peachy/creamsicle colors...

...I have various teals and turquoises and pinks...


...and most of what I have is mingled with other colors, variegated or self-striping, or just a little darker or lighter than required.

I did manage to dig up a few things, fighting the urge to just go buy more yarn, and I've got about a dozen squares so far.  Please note, they want us to leave a nice tail of yarn so they can sew the squares together.

At first I went the traditional granny route, then started messing around.  I did a truncated version of a square from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book.  That's the bright orange flower-centered one pictured above.  I did a "make-it-up-as-you-go" square or two.

Then there was a gauge issue, not that I was swatching--heaven forfend--but to make one square the right size, a single crochet edging was too small, double crochet was too large, so I went with a chain.  Not really a picot, just a little ruffly edge.

Then I thought, if it's a frilly granny, why not go frillier?  I didn't have enough yellow left to do it on the above square, so I added a frill to a white one:

I am about out of appropriate yarn now, so, time to package the squares and send them off to their destiny in L.A.  Good luck, little grannies!

For the free Frilly Granny pattern, click here.

If you like this pattern, you might also like the inexpensive Granny Paints The Town pattern.

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