Saturday, December 29, 2012

Free Pattern Link: Home Sweet Home

Before we get to the pattern, let's take a moment to talk about the lies knitters tell.

Or not so much "lies," perhaps, but rationalizing:

"It's on sale."

"It's only one skein."

"It's sock yarn, so it doesn't count."  (I've actually heard this!  And once I did, I started using it myself.)

"But it's cashmere!"

"But it's being discontinued." (Usually accompanied by whining.)

"It's my (husband's, mother's, son's, daughter's, sister-in-law's third cousin's) birthday.  I was thinking I would make something for him/her."

"It's my color."

"It's for charity."  (One of my personal favorites.)

I'll bet you can think of some too--please share them in the comments section below.

I had plenty of excuses for this purchase last year from Haus of Yarn in Nashville:

That's right, the labels don't lie; it's Plymouth Baby Bunny, my friends.  It was on sale, half price!  It was being discontinued (pause for a moment to commemorate our loss.)

Plus, I love the colors, I planned to use it for a charity blanket because it's machine washable, and last but not least, it has ANGORA in it.  (Ooh, pat the bunny!)

And so it came to pass that I bought every ball they had of these colors.  Think of all the money I saved because it was on sale!  (Pause for a moment to commemorate our b.s.)

I started crocheting, and it became one of my travel projects during my move this past summer.  Not only is the pattern fairly simple once you learn it, so it didn't stress my travel-logged brain, I was dreaming of my forever home while making log cabin squares.  Sympathetic magic, anyone?

Here's the link for the free pattern; it's a Red Heart pattern called the Autumn Log Cabin Throw.

At one point, I decided I didn't want to do the squares all the same as shown here, so I began experimenting.  I had a vision!

I made a ton of the new squares.  I laid them out together with the original ones.

I hated them.

I moved them around, this way and that, and then yet another way.  I still hated them.

Much frogging ensued.

So I have essentially made this blanket more than once, but I am finally finished, even after weaving in about five thousand yarn ends.

I am very happy with it now, so much so that I don't want to give it away to charity after all.

So much for that yarn-buying excuse.

Here are a couple of other log cabin throws I've made in the past year or so from the same pattern.  The orange-y one was from donated yarn and went right back to Threads of Kindness for Alive Hospice.

The other throw is currently curled up on my couch.  It's mine, all mine!  (Insert covetous maniacal laughter here.)

This one is made out of Berroco 100% Merino.  I LOVE this yarn.  The stitch definition is perfection, and it feels silky-smooth and bouncy, especially when using an ebony crochet hook.

Naturally I still have a ton of this yarn.  I bought enormous quantities of many colors because I had a vision.  (And it was on sale!  And it was being discontinued!)

Meanwhile, I still have some of the Baby Bunny left; surely I can make something for charity out of it. Surely I won't fall in love with it so much that I will have to keep it.  Maybe I should just make baby hats.  I can't wear baby hats....

If you like the Autumn Log Cabin Throw pattern, you might also like the River's Edge Ripple crochet pattern.

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  1. Love, Love, Love your yarn-buying justifications!! They are perfect and oh so adequate. I remember the evening you bought all that Baby Bunny yarn. I bought som blue myself. I think your log cabin blanket turned out beautiful. You have quite a vision. Keep it for yourself, you deserve it.

  2. I'm in awe of the control you have over your colors and shapes. When you put the pieces together they are so smooth and flow so beautifully. I love the baby blanket you just finished and the bouncy boucle one that is all yours. You and Melody Johnson - knitter/quilter - could start a yarn shop. You are as funny as she is about buying yarn!


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