Saturday, December 15, 2012

New at YIYO Designs

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas....

For those who haven't quite finished with their seasonal shopping, here are some things I recently put up for sale in my Etsy shop, YIYO Designs.

Blue Cloud handspun yarn
Venice Scarf

Wedding Cake Scarf
Creamsicle Baby Blanket
Leaf Scarf
Ocean View Blanket

Although I call the sea green blanket "Ocean View," as I was scrolling through my photos, I came across this picture I took of the pool at Hearst Castle.  Hmm....  Mom and I visited there in 2010.  Quite lovely.  I wasn't consciously trying to mimic the design, it just turned out that way.

Anyway, for a little extra $$, quick shipping of scarves and blankets can be arranged!  Click here: YIYO Designs to find out about these items and more, and email me from the Etsy site or comment on this blog if you need something ASAP.

And may you all enjoy your holidays!  Don't forget to breathe!

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