Monday, December 24, 2012

Pinwheel Highways

When I first got back to California this past June, it only took me a couple of days to get my freeway mojo back.  Sure, I drove on highways all across the country, but California freeways require their own special subset of skills.

I often think of what my friend Patricia used to say when we drove anywhere in L.A.: she who hesitates is lost.

Arriving at last, that first day, after two thousand miles of interstate and what seemed like an endless desert, rush hour on the 210 roller coaster was harrowing.  Anything after that is a piece of cake.

Still, I had never done what I did recently, driving down the coast.  (Doesn't that sound great?!  "Driving down the coast."  I love it!)

Anyway, it had been raining gently for several days, what we call a "storm" here in California, which qualifies as "drooling" (not even drizzling) in Tennessee, and finally the ocean wind was blowing away a huge bank of clouds.

My camera was beside me, in my purse.

I'm sure we're not supposed to do this anymore than text while driving, but I swear I kept my eyes on the road as I fished out my camera and took it out of its case, one-handed.  I didn't even look through the screen that passes for a viewfinder.  I just held up the camera and snapped away.

These shots remind me of quilted pinwheels.

"Jack in the Box" block for sampler in progress

I've heard people can transfer photos onto fabric; I think I might quilt some of my own photos someday as art pieces.  In the meantime, this sampler is pinned and ready for the actual quilting.

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the holiday.  Hope yours is as peaceful as mine promises to be.

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  1. Love the "highway" photos and the cloud cover moving. Awesome! Totally digging that sampler quilt too. I never did that. I must try it. Adding to my list. :-)


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