Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Pattern: Color Convergence

Anywhere I went to work on this--Binky Patrol, knit night, the doctor's waiting room--everyone oohed and ahhed over the colors, and then they just HAD to feel the softness of the yarn (especially because I kept saying how soft it is), and then they oohed and ahhed over that too.

(One place you can get the yarn, btw, is The Yarn Attic.)

And here's the free pattern:


© 2013 Reyna Thera Lorele
Ravelry: captainhook

This is an EASY pattern--if you can knit and purl, you can make this blanket.

Plus, you can change colors without having to weave in endless ends.  (Let there be rejoicing!)

I used two contrasting colors of James C. Brett Marble Chunky.  Substitute other yarn if you wish.

I chose the Marble because the colors are gorgeous and because I planned to donate this blanket to charity.  It's machine washable and 100% acrylic, but this is not your garden variety acrylic.  It is lofty and super soft.

It also self-stripes, so when you use two contrasting colors, you get lovely color changes as you knit along.

Finished size
36 inches by 36 inches

1 ball (341 yards) James C. Brett Marble Chunky, for color A (I used #MC34, the purple)
1 ball (341 yards) James C. Brett Marble Chunky, for color B (I used #MC32, aqua and lavender)
#10 needles

3 sts per inch

k = knit
p = purl
CO = cast on
R = right
L = left

Note:  To catch the different colored yarns and carry them up the side, hold the first color in your R hand, and the next color in your L hand.  Insert R needle as if to knit a stitch, but don't knit yet!  Wrap the first color yarn counter-clockwise around the R needle.  Then wrap the new color yarn counter-clockwise around the same needle.  Now unwrap the R-hand yarn, and knit the stitch with the L-hand yarn.  See photos below for tutorial.

With color A, CO 111 sts.
Knit 4 rows.

Begin pattern:
Row 1: k across.
Row 2: k 3, p across, k 3.

Change color and repeat rows 1 and 2.  Continue repeating rows 1 and 2, changing color every two rows.  I did 37 "double repeats" of 2 rows of Color A and 2 rows of Color B.

With Color A, do rows 1 and 2 of pattern once more.

Knit 4 rows with Color A.  Bind off loosely.  Weave in VERY FEW ENDS!  Yippee!  Block and donate, give as a gift, or snuggle with it yourself!

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Here is a photographic tutorial for how to change colors.

Color B on left, previous color A on right

Insert R needle into first st

Wrap color A around R needle...


Don't knit the stitch yet!

Grab color B

Wrap it counterclockwise

Unwrap color A
Color A is now caught under color B

Let go of color A
Knit stitch with color B

Take stitch off L needle

Proceed to knit as normal with color B.

I finished the blanket pictured above with a reverse half double crochet on the sides, using color A, but it really doesn't need it.  Here is what the edges look like with no crochet border:

Front, side edge
Back, side edge

I hope you enjoy my first free pattern of the New Year.  More to come!

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Here's my attempt at uploading a slide show of the above tutorial.  Not sure if it will work.  Feedback appreciated!


  1. Gorgeous blanket. But did you perhaps mean color 34 rather than 24? I think 24 is green. Just double checking.

    Thanks also for the color-changing tutorial!

    1. Good catch! Sorry for the typo. Now that I've triple-checked, 34 is the darker purple, and 32 is the aqua and lavender. Thanks for letting me know. It is now fixed in the pattern.

  2. Hi

    Could you do a pdf of this tutorial? My printer will not cooperate.


    1. I will try. Stay tuned! Thanks for your interest.

    2. Update on the PDF: blogspot will not allow me to upload a PDF. Sorry! I tried!

      You can always check back to this blog for a refresher on how to do this technique. I plan to leave it up a long time. Hope that's of some help, anyway. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. good pattern like the colours will enjoy doing have 6 grandkids now

  4. For a PDF, you can save the PDF file into Dropbox or a similar cloud-based service, and then just post the link on your site. Thanks for a beautiful pattern!


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