Monday, January 21, 2013

The Beauty, and the Beastly

Home again from a road trip up the coast to gorgeous Pacific Grove, where I lived for three years and worked in the wonderful LYS, Monarch Knitting & Quilts.

Mom and I saw deer in the dunes at Asilomar...

...sea lions and waterspouts of whales off Point Lobos (those silvery torpedo shapes on the rocks are the sea lions, and the whalespouts were so far off, they don't show up well at all, so I won't bore you with the photo).

We saw two hawks circling each other in the sky...

...butterflies fluttering away from their clusters in the trees on a warm, sunny afternoon...

and a hummingbird, ruby-throated, its tiny body glistening iridescent green, flying too fast to catch with my camera.

We also went to the Monterey Aquarium and saw the jellies again...

...the seahorses, including these miniature ones...

...and my favorite spot in the building, the sardines circling above our heads in their circular tank.  I noticed that even the rowdiest tourists grew hushed when they entered that room.

I didn't use a flash, so these streaks of silver are the swimming fish.  Cool, huh?

You may be thinking, with all these critters, these are the beasts I mentioned in the title to this blog entry.  Well, no.  The beastly thing is, Monarch Knitting will be closing later this year.  Joan, the owner, wants to retire, and no one stepped up to buy this very successful shop.  Like most people, I greeted the news with moaning and whining, thinking only of my yarn needs and desires, and not Joan's happiness in the least!  So, with apologies to Joan, I wail, "Oh, nooooooo!"

I hope to stay in touch with her and my former co-workers, the exceptionally talented and delightful Koryn and Diane.

If you get a chance, visit before October!  There is still yarn to be had there!

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  1. Update: someone bought the Monarch Knitting shop and it is still open! Hallelujah! I hear the decor and flavor have changed; someday hope to visit to check it out.


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