Friday, February 22, 2013

New Pattern: Frilly Granny

The squares I made for Yarn-Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) were mostly basic grannies--just whipping 'em out quickly and getting 'em out the door, using up yarn stash.  They wanted five inch squares, they got thousands of five inch squares (though I only sent a dozen or so.)  Their installation is supposed to go up in May, btw, and it looks like it will be fantastic.  Check out their website here.

After making a few basic squares, of course I wanted to do something more than basic.  Typical me.

As mentioned in an earlier post, one of my squares was not quite five inches.  Another double crochet or even half-double crochet round would have made it too big, a single crochet round would have been too small, so I did a little chain, not quite a picot.

It ended up looking a little like a frill, and like the porridge in the story, it was just right.

So I did another, and added a frill in the middle as well.

Once I was done with the YBLA squares, I raided my stash of Plymouth Encore and made a charity blanket.

Since I now had no color or size limitations, I went a little loony.  I put frills on the edge, frills in the middle, frills willy-nilly all over the place, with whatever leftover bits of yarn I had.

I added them as I went, I added them after.

Of course I ran out of the pink yarn, so I grabbed some lavender Mom gave me (thanks, Mom!)

This wasn't really my first choice as a color combination.  I think the final effect is a bit garish.  But I was determined not to buy more yarn to finish a stash buster project.  I do that often enough as it is!

I turned it in to charity, so, off it goes into the wild blue yonder.  I hope some child somewhere will love it.  And the free pattern is here.

The YBLA project was a catalyst for another cool granny-esque pattern, which I will be offering soon, so stay tuned.  And if you think these colors are bright, just wait 'til you see what I have in store.  (And yes, I had to buy more yarn for it last night.  Had to.  Because I needed more yellow.  Trust me.)

If you like this crochet pattern, you might also like this one:  River's Edge Ripple.

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