Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Maryvale Time!

It's just after the Equinox and Maryvale is in the air.  In case you didn't read last year's Maryvale posts, they are here and here.

In short, Maryvale is a wonderful facility in Rosemead, California that offers many humanitarian programs, including residential and treatment programs for neglected and abused girls.  You can find out more about the institution here.

Every year, a few girls graduate from their school, and we like to give them each a special handmade blanket as a graduation gift.

Last week, Susan, who I believe was the initial instigator of our Maryvale Madness years ago, asked me to find out how many graduates there will be this year.

Susan has a lot on her plate at the moment, working full-time and getting ready for a move across the country, so I called and asked the nice lady at Maryvale for a count, and she said she would find out and call me back, which she did, a few days later.

She said, "We will have eight graduates this year."

"Eight?!" I said, trying to keep the panic and exclamation points out of my voice.  "Eight?  Wow.  Well, that's--that's--wonderful!"

And it IS wonderful, but... eight????!!!!  Eight teenaged girl size blankets??!!  By the first week in June??!!  Yikes!  (Oh, I am free with the exclamation points here, you bet.  I have no exclamation point shame.)  But I calmed myself.  I caught my breath and said, "Well, it's going to be all or nothing, eight blankets or none.  But I'm pretty sure we can get eight."

Luckily, a few months ago, Susan suggested I ask around among my fellow local fiberholics to see if I could get some other people on board with the blankets this year.  She must be psychic.  Somehow she knew we were going to need help.

So awhile back, I mentioned it to Sue, the head of the Santa Monica Binky Patrol chapter, and even though we didn't yet know how many blankets we would need, Sue got her crochet hook out (well, let's face it, she probably never really puts it away) and made two charming and colorful blankets in a flash.

Meanwhile, I have finished one, and some anonymous Binky angel donated one large enough, so I commandeered that one and Sue's yesterday at the monthly meeting.

Along the way, I took the Kitty Cat Quilt I made out of my Etsy shop and donated it to Binky.

That was really my intention all along, but every now and then I panic and think, "I really need to make some money," so I try to sell something.

Then I feel sad.  If the item sits in my Etsy shop waiting too long for its forever home, I am very likely to donate it instead.

Joy!  It's going to a child in need.

I also gave the original Color Convergence (free pattern available here) to Binky.

As for the remaining Maryvales, Susan in Phoenix has one started, which she will finish in Chicago.  Sonja in L.A. said she would quilt one.  Jaime in L.A. said he would crochet one. Susan's niece in Texas is gathering her friends to make one, and I have started knitting a second one, a Color Convergence in another colorway.  We have enough volunteers that we have a potential back-up blanket, just in case!

It always makes me happy knowing that people all over the country, in this case--and in other cases, the world--are coming together to create something beautiful as a gift for someone they've never met.

Pics of the finished Maryvale blankets will be posted in June--stay tuned!

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  1. I'm so glad you have so many contributors to this wonderful event. I know you are still cranking out the goodies and I miss you so much.


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