Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boston Strong!

The wonderful people at my new job came together to make quilts for loved ones and strangers in Boston after the recent bombing.  They chose the colors of the Boston Marathon, blue and yellow.  They gave out a free pattern, a couple of strips of fabric to get everyone started, and a square of muslin on which people could write their names, where they're from, and a message of hope and support.

We all raided our fabric stashes for more blues and yellows.  So many people brought in squares!

Here's the one I made:

Then volunteers gathered at the shop to sew the squares together and make the quilts.  To see many more pictures of the beautiful quilts and get more information, go to Roxanne's a Wish and a Dream.


  1. What a wonderful idea and will be so welcomed. Good group of gals indeed!

  2. Beautiful gesture and quilt!


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