Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour, Part 1

Quilt Shop run: done and won!  Yes, I and my pal Elisa did all eleven quilt shops and turned in our passports, covered with stamps.  Check out her blog yarn-tails to see pics of her beautiful fabrics and get a great run-down, as it were, of our adventure.

And yippee!  I won one of the prize baskets along the way; more on that later.

I had no particular plan, such as a project I'm already making for which I might need more fabric, for example.  My only requirement was, I was only going to buy things I LOVE, and I didn't care if they went together or not.  I figure it will all come together later.

First stop: Orcutt.  Fabric found.

Old Town Quilt Shop is much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, like one of those tents in Harry Potter at the Quidditch championship.

(Did you know there was a similar-acting tent in The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour movie?  Little known facts.)

Anyway, be forewarned.  Bring money.  Super friendly staff, too.

On to Grover Beach and Sew Stitchin'.  My chauffeur and I--Elisa drove the whole way; she's a champ!--were leapfrogging so we would have shops to visit driving each way, and plenty of stops to stretch our legs.  This was Elisa's brilliant plan and it worked great.
We both got into the Asian fabrics here, and of course, I found another batik.  I'm convinced the red will go with some other fabric I have, but I will check after I move.
Super friendly staff here too.  They gave us a tip for a quick lunch place with very good sandwiches.  Can't remember the name.  At times like this, fiber gets in my brain and that's all I can focus on.

On to Pismo Beach and Quiltin' Cousins, where the theme was
Alice in Wonderland.  Everyone looked fantastic in their
costumes, and I loved how the table out front
was decorated with cupcakes made of fabric and pins.

The water might have been dangerous!

I would have bought fat quarters but all they had of these two beauties in a grab-and-go format were half-yard cuts, so, too bad, more fabric.  Awwww.

Next, Atascadero.  At Sew Fun, "Sewing in Paradise" was the theme.  More fat quarters were the... plot?

The staffers there were eating lunch, so we didn't get their full attention, but I did have a giggly moment with the lady at the cash register, who told me I owed half what I really owed, and I dutifully pointed that out, and then handed her the wrong amount of money.  I blame it on fiber fever.

Just up the road, Quilters' Cupboard.  Picked up some fabrics that actually go together, for a change, with a completely different vibe from everything else I bought.  Forgot to take a picture of the shop itself, though.  Fiber fever.

Top of the map for us was Paso Robles and The Quiltery.

They specialize in close-outs of brand-name fabrics, so, good quality and lower prices.

Had to have the bubbly fabric for the table runner I plan to make from Roxanne's pattern.  (Elisa got some too.)

And had to have the suns and moons fabric because... well, just because.

That was the trip out.  More about the return trip in my next exciting installment.

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  1. Love our fabrics. Good thing the Run is only once a year. Can you imagine the hit to our budgets if we did this more often? Then again, groceries are probably over-rated. . . .


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