Sunday, June 9, 2013

Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour, Part 2

Turns out, Morro Bay has one of my favorite quilt shops, The Cotton Ball.  Love the stained glass, love the wide variety of fabric.

Had to have the frogs surfing.  They look like they are having so much fun!  Then saw the frogs-on-the-beach fabric that goes with it, and had to have that too.  I know these will make a great charity quilt someday.
Then I picked up a few more fat quarters and such.  The one on the left was on sale.
Think of the money I saved.

Then I found a small piece of this beautiful shiny fabric, showed it to Elisa, and she cursed me (mildly) for showing her something else she couldn't resist.

So I "offered" to split it with her.  In fact, I almost snatched it out of her hand.  I didn't really give her a chance to refuse to share (sorry, Elisa!).

Next, we high-tailed it down the highway and barely made it to Betty's in San Luis Obispo before it closed.

Found some fabric to match some other fabric I already bought at Quilt Ventura awhile back.  Here's the main fabric:

And here are its new little friends:

And then I had to have this, just because:

We grabbed a bite to eat in SLO--yum--and then headed home.  With no stops to shop along the way, it dawned on us that we had actually driven pretty far.

We did in one day what many people choose to do in two or three days.  There were only three more stores left that we needed to stamp our passports, so we both vowed to finish, although separately, as my friend had a trip planned with her husband.  (Apparently, he doesn't mind sitting outside a quilt store while she shops, as long as he has something to do while he waits.  He's one of the good ones, ladies.)

The next day, I was too tired to even think of driving all the way back to Santa Maria, so I saved that for Sunday, and just went to the local shop, one of my favorites.

This is where I've been taking most of my amazing quilt classes.

I found a little bit of fabric that goes with some charity fabric I have.  So I had to have it.  Is this beginning to sound familiar?

Sunday, I slogged back up the highway to Betty's Fabrics in Santa Maria.  I wish I had taken a picture of the shop, but I was tired and had fiber fever.

I was kinda hoping I wouldn't see any fabric I liked.  I was already well over-budget.

But the minute I walked in, I saw one tempting morsel after another.  Finally settled on these, three of which also go with the gorgeous fabric I got at Quilt Ventura months ago.  And picked up a few more batiks, just because.

Then on to wonderful Roxanne's, my last stop, where I turned in my passport, and got some fish fabric I have been coveting for months, also for charity, and a cute little pincushion, because I needed a small one for those few times I actually sew by hand in the living room.

Of course, I have big charity plans, but quilts take such a long time, it may be awhile before I post finished projects.  After I move....

I had been questioning the wisdom of schlepping a couple of hundred miles round trip, backtracking all on my lonesome, to finish the tour, but when I got home, I found a message from Betty's in Santa Maria: I won their gift basket for the day!

There was a drawing at each of the eleven shops for a gift basket, each day of the tour.  (That's 33 prize baskets, folks, in case you didn't want to do the math.)  I didn't bother looking at any of the prize baskets along the way because I was too busy shopping.

So I'm excited that I was rewarded for my determination, although everyone who finished the tour deserves a reward, a commendation, perhaps a national holiday in their name.  At least everyone received a cute ruler, and quilters can always use another quilting ruler!

My tour pal offered to pick up my prize for me on her way home from SLO with her husband, but I did one of my, "Don't mind me, I'll sit in the dark," routines, not wanting to impose, and of course, there was always the possibility that part of the prize would somehow end up in her stash instead of mine!  (Just kidding!)

Betty's was going to ship me my prize.  But when I called in to work at Roxanne's, I heard, "Congratulations!"

I said, "Wow, word gets around!"  So my co-worker filled me in.  It turns out that the shop owners meet and exchange gift baskets to the shop nearest the winners anyway.

Picked up my prize yesterday at work, and it is FABULOUS!  More on that in my next installment!

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