Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maryvales Made!

We did it--eight blankets off to Maryvale!  I was thinking I would post pics of all of them, but it turns out that isn't possible due to technical difficulties.  I haven't seen the one Susan's niece made.

Sonja meant to take photos of the two she sent, one made by Jaime of Binky Patrol and one by someone else, not sure who--thank you, whoever you are!--but she shipped the blankets off and then remembered she forgot to remember to take the photos.  I think we all know how these things happen!

At least I finally figured out how to get Susan's photo uploaded.  Here is the charming blanket she sent from Chicago to Maryvale:

This is an 'in progress' photo; Susan says she also added the multi-colored yarn in a border.

And here are the four blankets that went out from my house, a colorful, traditional granny square blanket made by Sue of Binky Patrol, and another she made with a non-traditional granny pattern.

Love how she combined the colors!

The other two blankets I knitted using James C. Brett Marble Chunky.  The blue is from my FREE Color Convergence pattern.

The one with autumn colors is adapted from my Ribble pattern.  The Ribble action frames a center of stockinette stitch.

So that's it for the blankets for this year.
And the gift bags to put them in!

I am determined to start earlier and stockpile a few Maryvale-worthy blankets for next year.  After I move.

Lately I seem to be saying, "After I move," a lot.  Type up new knit and crochet patterns?  After I move.  Master my wonderful new sewing machine?  After I move.  Blog regularly?  After I move.  Someone offers me free fabric for quilting?  Even that, after I move!  (That last one is shocking, I know.)

I did take time out from packing and prepping yesterday to go on the Coastal Quilt Shop Tour with my new quilting and crocheting pal, Elisa.

Did we shop?  Um, yes.  I was trying not to spend more than she did (I'm very competitive), but so far, I have failed.

More about our adventures to come!

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