Tuesday, August 6, 2013


That's perqs as in "perquisites," not perks, as in coffee.  (I can't help myself; once a writer, always a writer.)

Look what I get to play with--for FREE!

Yep, that's two skeins of Anzula For Better or Worsted, a hand-dyed yarn I hadn't seen until I had some flung at me (gently) when I was asked to knit a shop sample of the popular Cedar Leaf Shawlette, designed by Alana Dakos.  Check it out on Ravelry.

The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, but this is a light worsted that drapes beautifully and feels delicious.  It has a lovely "hand," as they say, super-soft and not splitty at all, so it's easy to knit.  It's made of 80% superwash Merino wool, 10% cashmere (ooh, cashmere!), and 10% nylon.

The pic below shows the gorgeous color better.

To start the shawl, you cast on many more stitches than is convenient for the standard long-tail cast-on.  Though you could use one tail from each skein, I chose to use one of my favorite methods, the crochet cast-on, where you use a hook to wrap the yarn around the needle.  (Click here to watch a video of how to do it.)

The first time I tried this method, since I've been crocheting longer than I've been knitting, it only felt for a little while like I was casting on using my toes instead of my fingers before I got the hang of it.  The technique creates a pretty edge and a little stretchiness without being floppy.

Do I sound like I'm wine-tasting?  "This cast-on has a hint of oak, sophisticated without being snobby, with a piquant nose."

Anyway, I highly recommend using stitch markers every 30 stitches for ease of counting as you cast on.  Then you knit the body, after which you add the leafy edge.

The pattern has just enough complexity to keep it interesting while still being able to have a conversation or watch TV.  I'm already halfway through the beautiful border.  Once I block it, it will look even better.

Love the yarn, love the pattern.

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  1. Love the leaves on the edging. Hope you are doing well. Were your ears burning last night?


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