Monday, August 26, 2013

Wings Over Water

I started this shawl a few months ago, when I signed up for a class at a local yarn shop.  I already understood the directions;  I just wanted to get out of the house and meet people.  This also seemed like a great way to use up stash, and for once, I didn't buy more yarn!  Just shelled out for the pattern, the Aranami Shawl.

I decided to add some beads at the top of each "wave," because I also have a ton of beads left over from another project.

Here's how I did it:

When I got to the last three stitches of each wave, I slipped a bead onto one of my super-tiny crochet hooks.  Then, with my right needle, I slipped the first stitch on the left needle purlwise, and let go of the right needle making sure that stitch wasn't going to slip off.  Then I grabbed the second stitch on the left needle with my crochet hook, slipped the stitch off the needle, slipped the bead onto the stitch, and slipped the beaded stitch back onto the left needle.  Last but not least, I slipped the stitch that had been resting quietly on the right needle back onto the left needle.  Then I proceeded with the directions as given in the pattern.

Sounds like lots of pointless, insanely picky slipping, but really, it was easy.  I tried adding a bead without doing quite as much slippage, but then the beads didn't align as well.  The ones I used do blend in a little too much, except for on the black yarn, but at least I didn't go shopping for more beads!  I think it would look even better with contrast-y colored beads.

This shawl is a good shape for me; I actually draped it around my shoulders for a few minutes one day and it didn't fall off!  The way so many of them do....

So, maybe I will even wear this.  It could happen. Regardless, I am pleased with the result.

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