Sunday, August 18, 2013

You Know You're a Yarnaholic When...

Several finished projects finally made it out the door, on their way to their unknown future homes.  I called a local hospice, and they were happy to take a few things.

I am endlessly awestruck by the beauty of my new "hometown," and the grounds surrounding the hospice are both striking and serene.

This is a non-medical hospice.  They provide emotional, mental, and spiritual help, such as counseling, for patients and their loved ones, including kids of all ages, FREE.

They don't get government funding or insurance reimbursement or anything like that; everything is volunteer and/or donated, as I mentioned, FREE to their clients.

This is so unusual in this money-driven culture of ours.  I am so glad I found them.

Their storage space is limited, so I only took a sampling of cuddly stuff.

Marble Bear Binky
I had thought my contact person would look through my offerings and see what, if anything, they could really use, but it turns out, they just took the bags, no questions asked, and didn't even look inside while I was there.

I was deprived of the usual oohing and ahing over my creations, but then, that's not the real reason I like to give things to charity.  It's just a perq!

(Btw, my dictionary lists "perk" as an alternate spelling for "perq," short for perquisite.  I know you were all dying to find out about that.)

The yellow stripy bear above is the latest rendition of my Tunisian crochet Marble Bear Binky (the inexpensive pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop.)

The ocean-colored blanket is one I designed and made and then decided it didn't quite suit my home.  It is large enough to cover the top of a queen-sized bed, and I already have a comforter.  It, too, is based on one of my designs, the River's Edge Ripple.

I thought the hospice might send it back home with me, actually, because mostly they need lap blankets.  But, they didn't look in the bag!  So, surprise!  They will open the bag and a monster blanket will leap out!

I also gave them the Tuck Me In blanket...

...another knitted blanket and a couple of scarves (just the two in the middle of the pic)...

...and an Able Cable Cowl

(click on the name for the FREE pattern.)

So that's it.  Feels good to get these things out of the house, like losing several pounds, mostly off my shoulders.  I have many more scarves and hats, and several blankets, and it looks like I will find lots of opportunities to donate around here.

Which is lucky, because I am addicted to knitting, crocheting, quilting, spinning, and I can't hang onto all this stuff!  I would need storage the size of the Hearst Castle!

You know you're a yarnaholic when you look at a castle and think, hmm, extra yarn storage....

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