Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Pattern: Granny Cap Granny Square

Presenting the Granny Cap Granny Square, now starring in the new Granny Paints the Town blanket.

The pattern is now available in my Etsy shop!

This square evolved when I was doing squares for the yarn bombing in L.A.  I wanted to do something a little different from a basic granny.

I first did a couple of them in white, and they looked like those old-fashioned, ruffled granny caps.

The yarn bombers wanted certain colors for their project, white included, but once I was done making squares for them,  I branched out, color-wise.

I had a ton of Tahki Cotton Classic in dozens of colors left over from other projects, most notably Debby Ware's wonderful Cupcake Hat.

I've knitted many of those; they are great baby shower gifts, and for charities, I imagine they brighten the day for someone going through a tough time.

Pictured here are just a few of the many I've made.  They are really fun!

So, anyway, LOTS of Tahki Cotton Classic lying around, waiting for the right project.

I planned to join the Granny Cap Squares into a blanket, though the cotton makes them a bit heavy for any but the smallest blanket.  I toyed with a scarf idea, but it just wouldn't have been as gloriously cheerful, and besides, making these squares gets kind of addictive.

I just kept going.

I had so many great colors!  I was tossing them together like mad, making no two squares alike.

Even the bears started tossing squares around.

And of course, I started running out of yellow, and I needed yellow to keep things light and cheerful.  Then to join them all together, I needed 5 skeins of black.

So I went shopping.

To give the blanket a truly finished look, I did a black border for each square.

Then began joining, crocheting a lacy border, and our favorite, the weaving in of many yarn tails.

I do the weaving in as I go along, but there were so many!

Now it's done and ready for the bears:

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  1. This is really fun. If you still have it at home with you bring it on Friday to share with the group. Love all the colors and the black binding. Really good. Suzy

  2. Just bought this pattern and a few skeins of Cotton Classic at Roxanne's. I'm here visiting my daughter at UCSB and always stop in Carpinteria. This is the perfect project for my plane ride back to the East Coast. (I'll have to order more colors once I'm home.). Thanks for such a great pattern! Sheila B.


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