Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Charitable Trust?

Hooray!  I finished a quilt!

Shortly after I truly got into quilting, a little over a year ago, I started playing with some simple ten-inch squares Sonja gave me.  I cut them into five-inch squares with a quick slice through the middle twice, and began stitching them together into strips.  I had thought I might do a stitch-and-flip with batting and backing in place, an easy way to quilt.

I got sidetracked by other projects, but recently returned to this one, and finished, though I didn't do the stitch and flip after all, just sewed the top together as usual, then pinned the quilt sandwich, using a little backing material and batting that had been donated to a local charity group.

They are such a trusting group of women, they let me walk away with tons of fabric, and I keep promising I really will make quilts with it all and bring it back.  I'm just slow!

They are very patient with me; this is only the second one I have finished for them.  But I'm working on more!  Really!
I admit, this quilt would probably look and last better with borders on it, but I REALLY wanted to finish one of my UFOs, and I didn't have any more of the fabric for the top, and I could've found something that would've worked, but I just ran out of steam.

So here is the finished product, only about a year after I started it, baby-sized, small and sweet.  Note, it does have binding, you can see it on the left side of this last picture, and you can see a bit of the backing folded over there as well.

It is now aimed for the door and someone in need at a local hospital, as soon as I get a chance to pass it on to the trusting charity group.

Thanks to all who give me fabric and such--I get to play and have fun, improve my skills, then pay it forward.

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  1. Reyna, it's beautiful. An FO is always beautiful, but this one especially so. I love the quilting you did on it to, simple but elegant. Love, love, love it. I can't way to see more of them!


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