Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Pattern: Starflower Square

I had lots of fun designing this one and playing with different yarns to see how the square would turn out.  Check out the pattern at YIYO Designs.

The orange and purple Starflower is made with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, one of my favorite sport weight yarns, using a 3.5 mm hook.  People sometimes want to know what size hook to use, but since everyone's gauge varies slightly, you just need to experiment and find the size that makes a fabric you like.

The pastel version of the Starflower Square is made with worsted weight Berroco 100% Merino yarn--a discontinued yarn, alas, but one I have stashed with wild abandon in a variety of colors.  I have tons of it, and I have lots of plans for that yarn.  (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

Anyway, with this yarn, I used a 4.5 mm hook, which falls between a standard G and an H.  It's a G and a half, if you will, and not all hook manufacturers make them.  Mine is one of those metal tipped/plastic handled ones, and the manufacturer may have been... Inox?  Ka?  I can't remember.

This blue and yellow square is made with Tahki Cotton Classic.  Yes, I'm still bravely using up my Cotton Classic stash.  It is dwindling, but slowly.  This yarn seemed to want me to use a 4 mm hook, i.e., a classic G.

Just in case you haven't read this elsewhere on my blog, I am usually a loose crocheter--take that as you will--and you may want to go up a size if you're... normal.  Not average, we're all above average, just like all the children at Lake Woebegon.

Okay, let's say, if you're usually on gauge with the hook size recommended on the yarn label.

I like that.  I think we could use that phrase for lots of things.

"How are you today?"
"On gauge, thank you.  Can't complain."
"How is that proposal coming?"
"Right on gauge, boss."
"How are things with your boyfriend?"
"On gauge.  We got engaged."
And so on.

I think it could signify calm.  So, here's hoping your holidays are on gauge.

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  1. Love that pattern. Each one looks unique -doesn't look like the sme pattern .


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