Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuck Me In Revisited

Among the many projects I have going, I finished another preemie blanket from my Tuck Me In pattern.

I used good old James C. Brett Marble Chunky for this one.  Hooray--I raided my stash!  Yes, it's true, I actually did not buy more yarn to make this!

It seems different NICUs want different sized preemie blankets, so if you decide to make one, check with your intended charity to find out what size they prefer.

I used less than one skein (200 yards) of a worsted weight for the original 15" x 15" blanket, but I wanted to make this one a little larger.  I cast on an extra 4 stitches and, using the chunky, came up with a blanket that was about 21" x 21".

I even had a little left over from the one giant ball of yarn.

This is an easy pattern, too--only one special stitch to learn.  Definitely Knit Night worthy.

The original Tuck Me In


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