Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Pattern: Li'l Surfer Board

It all started months ago when I was asked to make a shop sample of Purl the Little Knit Girl, from a pattern book by the same name by CiD Hanscom.  The book is filled with adorable patterns, charming and inventive, but inwardly, I was cringing.  I generally don't like to knit fussy little toys and dolls, or fiddly little stuffed objects of any kind, no matter how darn cute the finished object is.

My first foray into the field of stuffed knitted objects was a number of years ago for the Mother Bear Project.  I think Sonja was the instigator that time.  I didn't realize that there was already a crochet pattern available, so I kinda modified the knit pattern and made up my own crochet version, and the bear was HUGE.  We called him Frankenbear.  (Read more about other Franken-objects I have made here and here.)

Off he went to Africa, to scare--I mean, comfort--a needy child.  (No, really, he was still cute.  He was just a bigger, taller bear than any of the others and was probably perfect for some child somewhere who needed extra comfort and protection.)

But back to Purl:  I felt I needed to make whatever the boss said I needed to make, despite my misgivings, so I agreed, full of false cheer, and she threw a skein of DK weight HiKoo Simplicity yarn at me, and off I went.

To my surprise, I actually found myself enjoying knitting this little doll.  I started out grumbling, but the pattern is so clever, and it works!  You just do what it says to do, and those little fingers and toes and belly button and nose just appear!  And the eyes are not sew on or glue on, which would have really annoyed me, but snap on!

I had some fiberfill lying around that Meg at Haus of Yarn had given me ages ago, and I told myself I would probably never make anything fiddly again, so I used most of it up for this doll, stuffing the little legs and belly and arms as I went, as per instructions.

Once I attached the hair, the directions said to tie it up with a bit of ribbon or yarn, but I loved the way it hung down in disarray.  I thought my Purl the Little Knit Girl looked more like a Li'l Surfer Dude.  Perfect for a shop in a little beach town!

Obviously, he had to have a surfboard!

I searched for a pattern, but didn't see any I liked, so I grabbed some scraps of DK weight yarn and came up with my own.

My pattern is adaptable to any size yarn (or board) that you desire.  I call it the Li'l Surfer Board.  And it is now free on my blog!  (Remember, this pattern is for the board only, not the doll.  To make the doll, go to Purl the Little Knit Girl.)

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Anyway, I hope my adventures encourage you to try something new, something you would normally scorn or shudder to make.  It just might surprise you.  It could be fun!  It could turn out great!  Or it could be a Franken-object, but that's okay too.


  1. Frankenbear was cute, but this dude is even better--little nakid guy, maybe you should knit or sew him some jams. You can do it all, girl!

    1. Someone at the shop sewed him some swim trunks! I will have to post a pic soon!


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