Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Pattern: Shapeshifter Scarf

A few years ago, I found a skein of Schaeffer Heather yarn that had beautiful tropical colors, and I found a stitch pattern I liked, did a little math, and started knitting a scarf.  But as you probably know, fingering weight is relatively thin and goes a long way.

I hate to say I started getting bored with the pattern (especially since I want to encourage you, dear reader, to make one!), but there you have it.  I was ready for a change.

Instead of setting the scarf aside and starting a different project (always a temptation), I found another stitch pattern that seemed to blend with it.  In fact, the first one morphed into the second as if it were Meant To Be.

So, of course, after a few repeats, I found a third motif.

I was going to morph back into the second and then the first again, but I realized that once the scarf was draped around one's neck, one side would appear to be upside down in relation to the other side.  Heavens, no, that would never do!

Solution?  Make two identical sides and graft them together!  The join is practically invisible, as you can see, or rather, not see very well at all, I hope, in the pic below.

I also thought, as you can also see, quite clearly, these stitches would look even better in a solid color.  Sometimes variegated distracts me from the stitch patterns.  I tend to like variegated yarns on the skein better than I like them once they are knitted or crocheted.

We could psychoanalyze this for days, but for now, let's say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

And the Shapeshifter Scarf is just a really cool scarf in any color way.

Directions are included in the pattern for both grafting, a.k.a. Kitchener stitch, as well as an optional three-needle bind-off join, if you prefer.

Thanks always to Lauren for modeling!

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