Saturday, May 31, 2014

Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour 2014, Part 1

Last year on the Quilt Shop Tour, my friend Elisa and I innocently said we weren't going to try to go to all the shops, we were just going to set out at a bearably early hour on the first day and see how far we got.  Well, we got pretty far--hooray!-- and finished up the last few shops on our own over the weekend.  Some retracing of steps was required, though, to get back to the places we couldn't hit the first day.

Old Town Quilt Shop, Orcutt

Retracing?  Unacceptable!  Time-consuming and ecologically unsound!

This year, we were determined to do all nine shops north of us--well, north of me--in one day, thereby eliminating the need to retrace. Then we'd finish up over the weekend again.

(Btw, I don't have a photo from every shop this year, not to play favorites, but because some of the pics just didn't turn out.)
What I bought there this year

Checkout at The Quiltery, Paso Robles

Quilters Cupboard has some batiks
I google-mapped everything just to see how much driving time was truly involved.  I vowed to bring wet wipes and take out my Invisalign braces so I could eat in the car.  No time would be wasted sitting down to eat lunch in a restaurant!

I have a cooler!  I would BYOL (bring my own lunch) and even a thermos with iced coffee.  No stopping at Starbucks this time around.

I got to bed earlier than usual the night before, but had trouble sleeping, due to excitement and knowing the alarm was going to go off way too early for me.

I lay there awake, thinking about a certain annoying person I have to deal with, and a fun new project I'm going to do, and reminding myself, "Don't TRY to fall asleep, that just makes me tense, just rest," and then, "Since I'm awake, I might as well get up and email so-and-so and get that off my to-do list."

Anyway, my shopping judgment may have been affected by lack of sleep.  Because I had a particular quilting project in mind, and I knew I needed 1/8 to 1/4 yard of 15 to 20 different fabrics, because it's a Bargello kind of thing, so naturally I really needed 1/3 to 1/2 yard of each fabric in order to:

1) allow for beginner quilter boo-boos
2) have some left over for another project?
3) give myself an excuse to shop more.
4) all of the above.
Choose one.

So does Sew Fun have some batiks (like, a lot!)
And if you're going to shops you only go to once a year, you want to buy unique fabrics you haven't seen anywhere else.  (Should that be an "I" statement?  I have a feeling I am not alone.)

More batiks at The Cotton Ball!

And Betty's in SLO

I did pretty well with focusing on batiks for my intended project.

Occasionally I got distracted.

Who can resist these adorable fairies?
 There are musicians in the family.  Might need these someday:

The only danger is that Mom might feel compelled to play those notes!
Meanwhile, our friend Debbie was working the shop tour herself, and had this wild idea to ask us to pick up a fat quarter for her at each shop.  She entrusted us with a little sock purse full of cash (silly girl!) and trusted us to use our good judgment.  Did I mention I left mine somewhere in the middle of the night?  Possibly in an email?  Anyway, she trusted us to pick out fabrics we thought she would like, and wouldn't it be interesting to see what we picked?  "Interesting" is a good word!

Seriously, despite our mildly mad rush, we found some very pretty fabrics that go well together.

I ran into a couple of acquaintances along the way and I hope I wasn't too rude in not stopping to chit-chat for long.  We were on a mission!  (No offense, but for us, this was a quilt shop RUN, folks, not a quilt shop walk!)

Batik dragons!  From The Cotton Ball
And while we ran, the drive was beautiful.  "Poor us," we said, "having to deal with all this perfect weather, and the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.  Boo-hoo."

We hit the last of our nine shops with half an hour to spare!

I was home before nightfall and able to go for a walk to stretch my legs.  Bravo to Elisa, Best Driver in the West!

Last night, before stumbling into bed, I had just enough energy to spread out my newly acquired stash on the floor; if I unfolded each piece, it would cover the whole living room.  I see I did a pretty good job of homing in on my required colors, but maybe repeated a few tones more than necessary.  I didn't really keep track as I shopped.

There are a few gaps in the color palette I need for the intended project, so I will do my best to focus, focus, focus as I finish up the tour.

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  1. Bravo to Reyna, Best Navigator in the West! We got some really pretty fabrics, didn't we? I'm kinda wishing I had gotten the fairies . . . . and maybe the dragons . . . . . Ahhh well, next year! Already planning what I'm going to do with my 30!! different black and white fabrics.


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