Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour 2014, Part 2

Finished up the tour over the weekend.  Does Roxanne's have any batiks?

Anywhere?  Just a few?

No, I did not buy one of each.  Are you proud of me?

I also covet some of these dots, but I have restrained myself so far.

Posting these pics just in case you didn't know Roxanne's has fabric besides Kaffe Fassett and his friends!

On the way to Quilt Ventura, one of my favorite shops, I saw this train, keeping pace with me on the freeway.

I love QV in part because that's where I took my first (and second and third) quilt class.  They have great teachers and lots of classes to choose from.

I was having so much fun chatting with my friends there, I forgot to take a photo of the shop itself, dang it.

As for fabric, I got this green swirled stuff (hard to see in the photo, but those circles are actually swirly things) which goes great with the new fairy fabric, and it is 108" wide, perfect for backings!  So I got enough for a couple of backs and maybe a few borders as well.

And this handy portable design wall/tracing board thingy.

We also gave our friend Debbie her fabrics, and she seemed pleased rather than horrified, so I think we done good.

I hear someone else wants us to shop for her next year too!  I don't see how we would have the time!

All shopped out, I am still recovering.  Soooo tired!

But quilting!

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