Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rebooting the Office

I have a little den.  Sort of an office.  Kinda small.  I had hoped it would be my sewing room, but there really isn't enough space.  I am not a fan of the small room.  Some people find small rooms cozy.  I do not.  I find them confining and cramping and lacking in storage space.

But this little den/office has great built-in bookshelves.  Below are cabinets with doors (preferable, to keep out dust) and above are shelves suitable for whatever, as long as you have a good duster.  (Are you getting the impression that I like things to be clean?)

When I moved in here, a year ago almost to the day, some things got organized well (the kitchen, for example), and others did not.

For a year, the shelves have been a mass of odds and ends, files and papers, and the fifty million things I plan to research or organize that I never get around to, and I absolutely loathe walking into this office and looking at the mess.  I bought some pretty binders and magazine holders and such, hoping that would help, but it just wasn't enough.

Here's what the shelves have been looking like--and this is on a good day, and after I had already moved some of the piles of papers and fiber-related magazines and books out of the way.

Sorry for the blurriness;  in the mornings lately we are having what most people call "June gloom" and what I call "refreshing ocean mist that burns off by afternoon because we are the luckiest people in the world."  Even the flash on my camera was muted by the mist, however.

Anyway, these shelves have been my project for the last couple of days.  First I tried putting all my fabric on the shelves, the way my professional quilting friend Debbie has hers at her house, and her shelves look fabulous!

Well, mine looked like crap.  Back the fabric went into the bins in the master closet.

And out came the yarn!  Or a small sampling of it.

Here's what the shelves look like now.

It's like having my very own yarn shop in my very own home!

To the right of the built-ins is my remaining folding bookshelf, the one that wasn't damaged in the move prior to this one.  This controlled chaos in the corner doesn't bother me so much.

Of course, the floor is now covered with those piles of papers and magazines and quilting books.  But since I have now moved yarn out of my filing cabinets and onto the shelves, I can put files of piles of papers in the filing cabinets, the way "normal" people do.

Anyway, the office feels much more welcoming, even with the mess on the floor.

I like seeing all those puffy scrumptious skeins of yarn sitting on the shelves waiting for me.  I have plans for all of it.  In fact, I have had plans for much of it for many moons!  I am only amazed that I have so little Plymouth Encore left.  Only enough for about three or four blankets.  I have been better than I thought at using up that part of my stash.  So proud.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, as the case may be, one of the local yarn shops is having a big sale next weekend, and so is the quilt shop next door, and oh, dear….  I do want to support my local shops, and I kinda want to go so I can hang out and chit-chat with everyone--after the intense, vulture-like swooping down upon the sale bins that we all do, of course.  But I think I had better leave my credit cards at home.  For the sake of storage, if nothing else!

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