Monday, June 30, 2014

UFO Sighted!

During the Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour this year, friend Elisa mentioned she found a website called 52 Quilts, encouraging people to finish one UFO (unfinished object) a month (not every week, thank heaven).

The idea is, you bag up your various projects and give them each a number, and then the woman who writes the blog picks a random number each month which tells you which of your projects to finish that month.

Finally finished!
Like, wow, man, this backing is psychedelic!

I didn't want to get quite that organized, but I love the idea of finally finishing up some quilts, and one a month sounds doable.

I only have about ten in progress.

I haven't counted my crochet and knit UFOs in a long time.  Let's not even discuss that right now!

Squaring it up
This quilt is made from the Jelly Roll Race directions--super easy, and probably the second or third quilt top I pieced, back in October 2012.

And then it languished while I worked on other things.  Eventually I got the borders on, and it languished some more, and then I sewed the backing pieces together.

And then, more languish.  At least, not anguish.

Then Elisa helped me pin the quilt sandwich back in November 2013, over a year since I had started the darn thing.

Other projects took precedence once more, and the jelly roll languished.  I finally pulled it out again and started quilting a few months ago.  Then my sewing machine quit working.


Then I found out it was only because I had the free motion foot set too high to catch the bobbin thread.


I tell you, it's quite the quilting roller coaster of emotions around here!

By the time I heard about the UFO a month concept, I was already working on this one again, so, with the sewing machine all threaded and bobbined and ready to go, this is the one I stuck with for this month.

Hallelujah, I finished it several days ago!  It measures 54" x 68", way too big to do on a home machine, in my opinion.  But obviously I did it anyway.  Which is how I know it is way too UFO-ing big!

I quilted the whole thing, mostly doing free motion quilting.  I didn't bother drawing designs on there.  I just wanted to play with the technique and have fun, and get used to it.  I can see my progress, working from the center out.  Definite improvement with practice!

It will probably go to one charity or another.  I keep vacillating as to which.

Do I save it for Maryvale next year, or is it too big?  We've been giving smaller ones mainly.

Should I give it to the Quilting Angels, who have let me hang on to scads of fabric for months on end?  Even though this is not made from their fabric, I feel beholden.

Or shall I just hand it over to the local guild's community quilts project?  They can always use more donations.

The other day, I told friend Debbie I would give it to the Quilting Angels, but then I realized, I have put a label on it with my name, and the date it was finished.  Did you know people label their quilts like they are works of art?  Which they are.  Even mine, beginner-y as they are.

So I shall have to see what the protocol is on that.  More will be revealed.


  1. Hooray! It's finished and it's beeee-utiful! Did you send Marti at 52 Quilts a picture? She'll be pleased to have another UFO-er.

  2. That quilt looks pretty dang good to me. It deserves a label and maybe even a name!


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