Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Golden Cliffs of California

Someday, hope to quilt this:

Always an inspiring day at the beach.

The sun setting behind the cliffs created these amazing halos.

The only downside of the beaches around here is the tar.  Turns out, it is naturally occurring, or so I am told, and it has nothing to do, so they say, with the nine thousand or so oil rigs squatting like fat ugly bugs off the coast.

I now travel with a 'tar removal kit' consisting of Dawn detergent and a dish scrubbing pad for the really bad days, baby oil and cotton balls for the lighter days.

Kinda takes some of the joy out of a beach walk--but not enough to keep me from getting my feet wet, thinking about all the beauty in the world, and planning to knit, quilt, or crochet a version of everything in sight!


  1. Ick, I hate the tar. When we first moved to California, lo these many, many years ago (I was in jr high . . .), we lived in an apartment is Isla Vista (8 kids, 2 adults; fun times). I still remember the nasty tar and having to scrub it from the feet and legs of unhappy younger siblings. Oh, the memories! lol. Love your photos - gorgeous!!


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