Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just How Hot Was It?!

Mom came to visit last week--alas, she's gone again--and I warned her to bring t-shirts, because it was going to be Hot.  Very Hot.  And I do not have air conditioning.

Just how hot was it?  High 80s to low-to-mid 90s, for the most part.  We actually did quite well with closing all windows and drapes in the morning, and hunkering down with a jigsaw puzzle in front of the fan.  Because it was also Very Dry.  Humidity was so low, I had a sore throat.  Or was that from talking and talking and talking?  We have lots to talk about!

We drank iced coffee, ate lots of salads (no turning on that oven to cook, no way!) and at night, it cooled off, thank heaven.

We ventured out for some exercise as early in the mornings as I could drag myself out of bed.

Here's how some of the other critters were handling the heat:

Notice the thin line of shadow across the drying grass in the center of this photo.  That thin line is the shrunken shadow of a palm tree.

What are those lumps in its shadow?

Closer inspection reveals: ducks.

Talk about getting your ducks in a row!

"Hey, is there room for one more?"

The pond water must've been pretty hot.  Hope the turtles were finding cooler water under the lotuses (loti).  Or are they waterlilies?

"Hey, got room for one more?"
After Mom left, it finally cooled off enough to hand sew the binding onto that charity quilt I have been working on, off and on, for many moons.  I love the quilt and will reveal it in all its glory soon!

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