Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Pattern: Trinity Fingerless Gloves Unleashed!

A friend wanted some fingerless gloves, specifically for playing the ukelele outdoors.  She is a ukelele enthusiast, and she designed and manufactures the fabulous UkeLeash, which I've heard is the best ukelele strap around.  Check out her website and watch her video for a demonstration.

Learning to play the ukelele sounds like fun, but I'm so inundated with fiber projects, the uke will have to wait, alas.

The caveat for making the gloves, however, was that she is allergic to anything woolly, alpaca-y, even baby llama-y.  So cotton was the fiber of choice in this case, especially since I still have oodles of Tahki Cotton Classic in my stash.

I experimented with my own design, and the Trinity pattern, now available, is actually the second one I did.  (I'll be posting about the first in due course.)  I call it "Trinity" because I used three colors, and because the stitch pattern calls for some simple increases and decreases in threes.

You aren't limited to cotton; you certainly could use another yarn for this pattern if you prefer.  I suggest a DK weight or light worsted.

The pattern is not complicated, and it's a great way to use up leftover scraps of yarn.  So dig into your stash and have fun!

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