Monday, November 17, 2014

On Pins and Needles (and Hooks)

Here's a quick overview of some (not all!) of the projects I'm working on right now.

This grey shawlette is for a pattern I will post soon.

Finished this quilt top and its backing, which are now hanging in the closet, waiting to be pinned and quilted for the Quilting Angels.

The beginnings of a scarf for a shop sample.

And the beginning of a baby sock, also for the shop.

One of my crochet blankets;  I'm planning to publish the pattern soon.  It just looks like a clump of fabric right now, doesn't it?  More will be revealed!

And I'm knitting a cabled hood with a surprising color effect evolving out of the variegated yarn.

A scarf for charity, probably, using up leftovers.
On the spinning wheel (still--the same old fiber I've been spinning off and on for ages):

A quilt I am in the middle of quilting, also for the Quilting Angels:

The other day, I pulled out a belly roll, i.e. half a jelly roll, and started messing with these strips.  I've already created some shapes, and these are going to fit in somewhere; I have no pattern or plan, I'm just winging it.

Next we have some challenge fabrics; haven't started on this yet.  Wondering just how crazy I had to be to agree to Elisa's quilt top challenge idea.  Very cool idea, but… when exactly was I planning to make this????  Luckily we haven't firmed up a finish date.  Luckily, it is tentatively set for sometime in early spring!
Also taking a class in two-color fabric appliqué.  Traced the pattern onto the fabric, pinned, then basted, ready to cut and then sew.

Also just took a workshop on Judy Niemayer's paper piecing techniques.  Will have pics to post as soon as I have something remotely ready to show.

And I have another scarf in the works, probably for charity, trying to use up this ribbon yarn.

So… off to work on at least one of these projects!

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