Monday, December 22, 2014

Color Ride Cowl

This cowl from Mountain Colors is so easy and quick, I knit the shop sample in an evening.  The kit comes in different colors, by the way.

For all you beginner knitters out there:  If you buy the kit (at Roxanne's, for example), don't forget to wind those mini-skeins into balls before you knit.  I draped them, one at a time, over the arm of my chair and my knee.  It only took a minute to wind each one by hand; no need for a swift or ball winder.

The pattern materials list calls for dpns as well as a #11, 16" circular needle, but you don't need the dpns, it's just a typo of sorts.

I could have knitted this even faster, but I started with a #10.5, since I usually have to go down a size.  In this case, the #11 worked better, due to the bumpy, almost boucl√© texture of the yarn.  So I had to frog my first attempt with the smaller needles; my gauge was off, and this was supposed to fit an adult human, not a child or large doll.

Be sure to cast off loosely--pull that extra bump of yarn through the loop, and the cowl will fit nicely over your head!


  1. Lookin' good, my friend. Think I'll try one.

  2. Ooooh I like that one and I love the colors! Great job!


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