Sunday, December 14, 2014


When I first saw some hand appliqué wall hangings in a local quilt shop, I admired them greatly but had no desire to make one.  I was under the impression that I hated hand sewing.

Then I took a tile quilt workshop, and discovered that needle-turn appliqué is kind of addicting.  Having the right needle and thread for the job really helps.  (A thin milliners #11 needle, and thin enough thread to get through the eye of that needle, in case you were wondering.  And a really good needle threader.)

The swoop of that needle, that turns the edge under so beautifully (with a little practice), is mesmerizing.  And I love seeing the shapes take shape, as it were.

So when a two-color quilt class was offered again recently, I signed up, and lured my friends Deb and Elisa to join me.

I snagged one of several patterns I coveted, fresh from Quilt Ventura (or you can go to Pacific Rim Quilts, which publishes the patterns), and I spent a lot of time fussing over which fabric to use, as usual.  I actually used fabric from my stash!  Will wonders never cease?

You can see a little of the pattern I traced onto my top fabric, on the far left.  Then came pinning and basting the top fabric to the background fabric.

Then began the cutting, just snipping carefully with scissors, to reveal the magical design.

A little here:

A little more:

Ooh, pretty!

We three adventurous souls had a sewing day outside of class and worked on our appliqué.

Elisa's doing turtles.

Debbie is doing sunflowers.

I envy her perfect petals!  I can but aspire!

But I am improving, and having fun along the way, and that's all I ask.

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