Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Pattern: Christening Cloud

The Christening Cloud is the second pattern I submitted to an upcoming crochet 101 One-Skein Wonders book.  As mentioned in my previous post, it will be months before I hear whether it got accepted or not, so in the meantime, I'm offering the pattern for sale here in my shop.

Apparently, Herbie the (sage green) Bunny pictured above, likes it.  (He is very supportive.)

Again, being limited to only one skein meant some of the usual yarns I use for a baby blanket were not available.  So, what yarn has enough yardage for a baby blanket, when crochet uses a third again as much yarn as knitting?

The answer:  lace weight!

"Do I really want to crochet with lace weight yarn?" I asked myself.

"No," I answered myself.  "It is too thin and not as satisfyingly cushy as thicker yarns."

"Do I want to submit something else to this book?" I asked myself further.

"Ye-e-es," was my hesitant reply.

I thought a lacy blanket for a special occasion like a christening might work.  The bad news?  My stash had no lace weight yarn in it.  The good news?  I got to shop!

I found some incredibly soft Madeline Tosh Lace;  if I start petting the yarn, it's probably going home with me.

I almost went with a cream color, which would give the project a traditional look.  It was quite pretty, but then I saw this slightly variegated grey yarn--I believe the name of it was "Silver Fox"--and I just couldn't resist.  Visions of newly baptized babies floating joyfully on the clouds came into my head.

Winding 900+ yards of yarn was no picnic, but it was worth it.

I fiddled around with different size hooks and stitches until I came up with something that I liked.  It's a fairly easy pattern, with variations on a shell stitch.  You crochet the center first, then add the ruffle in rounds.

I found I didn't mind working with the lace weight after all.  When the yarn is this wonderful, I have no complaints!


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