Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Pattern: Celtic Fingerless Gloves

I designed the Celtic Fingerless Gloves for my friend Lori, the designer of the Ukeleash.

The other pattern is Trinity Fingerless Gloves which you can read about here and here.

I really enjoyed making these: even though the stitches give the look of cables, this requires no cable needle (let there be rejoicing in the land!)

There are some stitches you slip, and then pass over other stitches--sort of like braiding yarn using your knitting needles.  Cool, huh?

To recap, Lori needed cotton--no animal fibers allowed due to allergies--and fingerless, for ease of playing the ukelele outdoors when it's chilly.  I used one skein of Tahki Cotton Classic, but you could use any DK or light worsted yarn.


If you like this pattern, available here on Etsy, you might also like the Shapeshifter Scarf or the Christina Cowl.

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