Sunday, February 22, 2015

About That Orange

I hope I haven't offended any of my friends by going on and on about orange in my previous post.  Everyone has different tastes, after all, and that's peachy, no pun intended.  But I think I might have touched a nerve.

Yesterday, just before a quilt class, I wandered about the shop and saw some fabrics I just had to have.  (Batiks.  Big surprise there.)

One of them is what I consider to be a burnt orange, which has long been an entirely acceptable shade as far as I'm concerned, but that's just me.

 Well, did I ever get some ribbing about choosing a color in the orange family!

"It's burnt orange," I said, somewhat defensively.

"It's orange," I was told, firmly.

"It's burnt orange," I insisted.

"It's orange," was insisted right back at me.

We carried on like this a few more times without one iota of variation on the theme, and I realized that from now on, any time I pick a color that even remotely resembles anything orange, teasing will rain down upon me like a Biblical plague of locusts.

I brought it upon myself.

This morning, I pulled an orange (the fruit) out of the fridge to prove my point, to me, at least.  And the orange (the fruit) is indeed orange-ier, brighter and more glaring, than the fabric, so there!

But y'know, the fruit orange kinda looks good next to the burnt orange.  It's a pleasing gradation in color.


Quilting does this to people.  I've heard about it.  An unexpected combination or pop of color you thought you didn't like can really set off a design and make it better.  You can't hate any color.  Not for long, anyway.  It doesn't serve you well.

So, okay, fine, I like some oranges.  I always liked coral, for example.

(Or did I?!)
(Insert ominous music here.)

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